we grew apart and absence makes the heart grow fonder is what i feared the most between us. without you, my world is hushed but my home became loud. you`re still connected to my roots; it terrifies me. how do i not feel you everywhere i go? i saw a piece of art today resting upon a wall. sunshine reflected, kissing the painting perfectly; my trembling feet stood to think of you. eyes blinded to the picture, light rays echoed the lonely walls as my heart crumbled before my hands. you’re gone and you ushered the sun alongside. i wanted to fade from everything until the moon emerged darkness, cradling me through my despair. people are asking how i’ve been lately but i’ve built a lump in my throat every time i speak so they tell me time heals all. until i’m left alone; time is all i have and my eyes dance the pages of poems i never held the backbone to give you.


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